A downloadable mod

This is a mod which adds over 300 new pieces of equipment across the game's various episodes. Supplement your runs with a variety of new items! For example,

  • The elusive and powerful Black Lotus!
  • A Stink Bomb to unleash massive amounts of poison on enemies!
  • False Swipe, a powerful attack which always leaves your opponent with some HP!
  • Rocket Fuel, which doubles the rate of countdowns!
  • Junk Cannon, which slowly breaks equipment to deal damage!
  • Contraband, which shuffles a new card into the back of your deck!

Features new equipment for all 6 of the game's characters, added directly into the existing episodes - just install and start playing!

If you have any feedback, for example regarding balance, level up rewards or bugs, post it in the comments.

Now (mostly) compatible with other mods!

StatusIn development
CategoryGame mod
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
TagsDicey Dungeons
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

After unzipping the download, simply open your game directory and drop the grabbag folder into the mods folder. You can then load the mod in-game by pressing escape and opening the Mods menu.

For Dicey Dungeons versions 1.12+


grabbag.zip 177 kB

Development log

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Electric Arc does not return the dice on dodge

(1 edit)

Ah, good catch. I changed the cast direction and forgot to add an on dodge script. Will fix in the next patch.

Game crashed when Beatrice used Flight? while having Haunted?. Very little details were given by the console. This might have to do with how Haunted? removes itself directly (see #1938) and how the game tried to add a status to the fighter Haunted? was being removed from simultaneously. See this this More Fluff issue for a possible fix.


(1 edit)

Thanks! Should be fixed for next update. That also fixes the Taunt crash with burn, by the looks of things.

(2 edits)

Masamune & Cheat Code starter for Robot BR switching to Murasame & Duplicate when The Robot activates is underpowered; getting any more than 8 damage out of a turn is very rare

I'll see about buffing Murasame.

Reverse Card pack is very, very awkward with snap, since snapping two reverse cards just means your next two actions are reversed, and unless you've got a Wrong Sword and a Wrong Axe next up, that's only going to screw you over. I'd recommend giving it a big rework in general - most other packs have benefits aside from just their inflict-status-do-damage synergy, and reverse card. (Yes, you can reverse a reverse card, but that requires using both reverse cards (without snapping) and then not being able to use Wrong Sword except to damage yourself. And inflicting the enemy with Reverse usually only does 6 damage at best.)

I'm not really happy with the set in its current form, either! It'll be reworked for the next update.

Sleight of Hand should cast forward since it steals money

Stink Bomb needs to be marked "cannotreuse", multiuse items do not play nicely with e.dicehistory at the moment

Good catch.

You might want to rename Channel Rage to something like Channel Rage@grabbag to avoid conflict with More Fluff's "Channel Rage" item